THE GODS IN WINTER Wrote by Patricia Miles

Jessamae C. Albiendo


            The story about The Gods in the Winter was wrote by Patricia Miles. The story is all about the English family that is caught up in a strangely harsh and long lasting winter, and the Gods of antiquity turn out to be not so moribund at all. It is similar to a mythology in Greek times about Persephone, Demeter and Hades. When the Bramble family go to England they experienced a cold weather with their home retainer Mrs. Korngold. They experience also about the mysterious things that Mrs. Korngold have.


            The narrator in the story is Adam Bramble, he is a clear, and a straightforward boy. He just like a thoughtful person that other must possessed. A boy who wrote just what he sees in his surroundings. And Mrs. Korngold is the one who take charge to Bramble’s family in one strange winter. Mrs. Bramble can do a mysterious thing within the house. The children of Bramble think that Mrs. Korngold is the one who turn their naughty cousin into a lizard.


            The story is about the Bramble family it happens from Kent for their new home in the Midlands, it’s started in a fine October last autumn on 1929. There they are, the Bramble family, they are in the way all bowling along northwards from London in a big old-fashioned car. The family was supposed to be complete with three children named Adam, Zach Lottie and the incoming infants named Beth. While the family was travelled along the road. They were puzzled because they reach the cross roads and there is no sign post in it, so they continue in their travelled Mrs. Bramble is the one who drove the car she feel confused because she thinks that they were in the wrong road, her husband was assigned to read the map he assured that they are in a right way. Until they reach the road that liable to subsidence. So they turn their way and go to another road. And at last they reach their new house. It was just an old stone farmhouse that had got swallowed up by the estate. Mr. Bramble was always busy because he was a researcher, Mrs. Bramble need a family retainer to help her to her new baby. She is Mrs. Korngold that no home as her own to go to. And Mrs. Bramble gave her a warm welcomed to their new house and she took her, to her room.

            In cold evening the family was taking their supper, one thing that happen in their foods, when Lottie grabbed her knife and fork eagerly and cut her potato in half she saw a black squelching mass just like a bad bananas. Everyone was pushing their chair back from the table, because they also have a potato like what Lottie saw. And there something wormy things coming out of cheese. All the foods that Mrs. Korngold prepared get maggoty. All felts pretty dismissal except for Mrs. Korngold. She had the strangest reaction, she cut her potato in half quite briskly, and it was also bad, all black and horrible. For a moment she had a look of cosmic dismay on her face. Then she let out a peal of laughter that would have cracked a chandelier. And after it Mrs. Korngold had started ladling out the soup. And she paused with the ladle mid-air. After taking their supper the family went to their respective rooms.

           A great sheet of lightning and thump of thunder woke Adam who fall asleep the lightning was so bright it came right through his closed eyelids. He felt too cold to asleep and at the same time too frozen to get out of bed and find the eiderdown, which had slid somewhere. Every few minutes a great flash lit the room. And he got to thinking it must look like pretty spectacular. Adam got up and groped his way groggily along. It wasn’t only him have the same idea, he saw Mrs. Korngold was standing, fully dressed, by the window. Adam came and stood near her, all friendly, but at the next lightning flash his heart sickening thump. They observe that something happening in their garden worse than before, when it writhing about. He felt terribly frightened all. He wanted was to slink back to his room hoping she hadn’t seen him. But Mrs. Korngold caught him up by the shoulder and turned him around to face the window. He daren’t look at her, but he suddenly felt that right beside him she’d suddenly grown enormous, like the Statue of Liberty or something. “Enjoy the storm” Mrs. Korngold said. Adam saw their lake, and the hills and groves beyond it, and beyond them plains and valleys and towns lit up by the lightning. They saw great jagged mountains, with the lightning striking down into them and the thunder booming against their sides. There was one fearful peak that sprang into three fangs, so clear he thought he’d know it if he ever saw it again. Then the sea, all wild and billowing ad throwing itself against a rocky shore. The storm increased its fury. Whole forest bowed down before it and shuddering when it passed over them. Winds howled and shrieked with menace. It was tempest. It went on and on, but Mrs. Korngold just stood gazing out with contemptuous calm, defying it. Adam sit in a dentist chair and closed his eyes, and we he opened them again the lightning was almost continuous and something had changed, but he couldn’t tell what. He saw some strange buildings, sort of futuristic. He closed his eyes and fall asleep. When he open his eyes again he took a timid glance out of the window. Moon and stars were shining against a clear dark sky.

              When the Bramble family having the party for their new baby. When Adam and Lottie sat on the stairs nibbling, in an unobtrusive sort of way, and that was how they came to hear a queer snatch of conversation which floating out of the kitchen. They heard Mrs. Korngold had someone talking to. And they want to know what’s going on in the kitchen. And they heard Mrs. Korngold crying saying that “you know what I want, nothing short that will persuade me. I don’t who sent you” she said to the man. Her voiced sort of crack, with a sob in it.

              One afternoon Adam, and Lottie were alone in the Zach’s bedroom. They talk about Mrs. Korngold because they thought that she is a bit of strange. They wonder where she came from. Adam and Lottie had both similar impression about Mrs. Korngold they think that she is a refugee, they compared Mrs. Korngold in the picture that they saw. The children are very confused about the place where did Mrs. Korngold came from. They thought that Ms. Korngold should be a witch but she is good to them and their Mum likes her.

              Mrs. Korngold had come in the orchard and scraped a place clear of snow with her shoe. In her hand she had a white plastic butcher’s tray out of the fridge, slopping over with blood. While Mrs. Bramble and Adam watching Mrs. Korngold of what she was doing, they think that Mrs. Korngold does something stranger. Mrs. Korngold had turned round to come in the house. For a moment though she stood looking up at the sky. Her face was so utterly woebegone they drew back from the window, ashamed somehow to be staring at Mrs. Korngold.

              It was February, it was two weeks into the spring term. Mrs. Korngold have a visitor, a man that not looks like an ordinary climber, he was a potholer. Zach Finding Mrs. Korngold but he cannot find her. It was Mr. Swift that wants to talk with Mrs. Korngold but Mrs. Korngold avoiding him. Mrs. Korngold makes an agreement with Adam to avoid talking to Mr. Swift but Mr. Swift did not stop her. Because he have something to tell to Mrs. Korngold. Adam was called by the secretary of their school, he follow the secretary where he didn’t knew that he will meet a potholer. The potholer give a message to Adam for Mrs. Korngold it’s about her daughter. When Adam gave a message to Mrs. Korngold, she had a smile in her face. She was happy because she will see her daughter again.

             When Lottie and Adam heard the voices speaking quietly in the kitchen. They saw Mrs. Korngold, Mr. Underwood, and Cora sitting in the table. Mr. Underwood have an owl with him. They saw Mrs. Korngold grabbed hold of her daughter hand. Things held still for a moment. Whatever Mrs. Korngold was, Mr. Underwood was her equal, perhaps more than equal. A peal of thunder reverberated over the house. Mr. Underwood’s face changed from triumph to fury. Mrs. Korngold shout because she had won. Slowly Mr. Underwood released Cora, and Mrs. Korngold got her arm round her. The mother of Mrs. Korngold appears. Mrs. Korngold and Cora will be gone by that morning. Cora will be going to stay with her mother for eight or nine months, and with her uncle for the rest of the year. And Zach said that the story about Mrs. Korngold is just like Demeter and Persephone.

Art and Delivery

            Patricia Miles gives complete details about the characters in her writings. She also describes the places where the story happened and what the character does. It also gives a reader a widen imagination in reading the story.

Final Verdict

            I rate the story 3 out of 5 stars, well the story was appealing. It is interesting when it comes Mrs. Korngold. But I am not satisfied with the ending of the story.


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