Opposition of ROTC in K-12 Curriculum (Position Paper)

by: Jessamae C. Albiendo

         President Rodrigo Duterte proposed the revival of mandatory military training in K-12 curriculum. Duterte allegedly wants to make ROTC mandatory again to instil the “discipline” and “love of country” among the youth according to the news.

         ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. The main purpose of ROTC programs today is to train young men and women to become an officers in military. And after graduation the students that are participating in ROTC can immediately begin serving in the military as an officers.

        In imposing the ROTC, I’m not agree in it, because it can only waste the time of the students especially in their academic performance and also because of its disadvantages that the students may encounter during their training. Additional fees for the students in buying their uniform for military training. Staying at school more than school hours, instead that the students must do another requirements in their respective subjects, and that’s one of reasons why they can’t do it and pass it within the deadline because they are busy for their training. Students may experience stress on it, because they allotted their time in their training instead that they are in their house to rest and relax their mind. In times of exam and they’ve been in their training they have no time to study because they are already exhausted to scan their notes. Moreover, the students cannot focused in their study because they may think about their training, if they can’t cope with it, they maybe get a low grade for the subject ROTC. And how about for the students that have a heart problem or the students that can experiences a problem in breathing?

            It is okay if it is not compulsory, because some students may want to focus in their specialization and some are not favoured to have that subject ROTC and they may think that they cannot benefit in it, because they don’t want to work in outdoor. It may useless for the students that the courses that they choose is not closely related to that subject. Instead they may focused their mind in their specialization course. And what will happen if some students are not interested to that training, Is there a possibility that their teacher give them a low grades?

       According to Anakbayan Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo if the ROTC becomes mandatory it will only get worse especially in hazing and abuses. ROTC program was viewed with increasing discontent, especially from the cadets themselves. Various abuses and corrupt practices were noted ranging from hazing and other forms of violence, to financial extortion.


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