By: Robert M. Balinton Jr.

The Secret of the Caves


Author: Franklin W. Dixon


            Nowadays, we always encountered a lot of a complicated or dangerous situation in our community even in our country. There are a lot of cases occur such as robbery, drug addict, illegal gambling, kidnapping, and even rape are now rampant nowadays. By all of those case are the reasons why our leaders such as our detective, police and among others just to save and fix those conflict and problems in our country for the peacefulness and restful one with whom are the victim.

But in this fiction story was entitled “The Secret of the Caves” wrote by Franklin W. Dixon which all about the Hardy boys mystery stories, their adventures in the Honeycomb cave in Palais Paris, featuring the thrilling adventures of American’s favourite detective duo, Frank and Joe Hardy when their friend which are Chet and Biff helped them to and to be with them on their adventures. This story was focused on kidnapping and manipulating others which is the conflict of the story.


            The story was very exciting like what the characters feel and act on this, and even you as a reader will really appreciate their emotion and you will become excite on what the next to happen. There is no very emotional scene, but most of excitement and nervous scene. The main characters in this story was very active and excellence of what they are doing such as detecting the case they want to fix wherein Morgan Thomas Todd is the victim of kidnapping an innocent person, he is a brother of Mary Todd who cope up to begged to the detective the Hardy boys, Frank and Joe.

At the Honeycomb Cave John Donachie helped them even in a little thing what he can do, he is a good person who accepted the boys to live in their house in a few days. In addition, Commander E.K.T Wilson an old man with a gray colour of hair and his others companions who manipulated Frank and its companions. Commander Wilson is a wise man, he is an actor who already defected and make his ability to manipulated Frank and Joe detector.


            At the house of Hardy boys with their friend Chet and Biff, in a few minute they go outside and they saw Mary Todd and she begged them to help her to find his brother Morgan Todd. They planned to go Honeycomb cave because they got a clue from Rockaway that Mary brother is in here. The four boys went at Palais Paris to the Honeycomb Cave and Gertrude his auntie had request to buy and get the Spinning Wheel, an antique in Palais Paris. But when they are already here they unintentionally broke the antique and Frank exchange his watch and Joe pay his 20 dollar to the sails lady named Marcel.

After a few days they went to Tuttle General Store owned by Mr. Tuttle and Frank asked him if where did they find the Honeycomb Cave, and Mr. tuttle shocked why they want to find and go there, then he told where it is and he said unto them “be careful in that place, it is very dangerous place” then the 4 boys went there. At the top of the mountain, it has a heavy rain, lightning, and thunder and Joe was missing, the three boys was find Joe and they saw him in the rim of the cliff and they helped him and he explained of what happened.

They saw a wooden light inside the cave and they are wondering who made the light. They slept there, meanwhile Joe was awaken and he heard a footstep, and someone running across the floor. The next day they return there and Wilson saw them and invite them inside, and Wilson served them some foods, a while ago Wilson was change and he told them “who are you? Why are you here?” he said. And the four boys went out. In the other day the Frank and Joe back at the cave and they saw Wilson stood in the entrance of the cave and he was go inside, the two boys secretly observing him and they saw a hat at the entrance of the cave. They picked it and Joe saw a shotgun and a book, and Joe picked the book and hide at the big stone to study it, but Wilson saw them and he tried to get the book and Wilson pick the shotgun and Frank to forepart to pick the shotgun and Wilson was the first can picked it and the two boys run and one big explosion. Frank fell down, “you killed my brother” Joe said, but instead of blood in shirt of Frank it is a white patch. Biff and Chet arrived and they went to the house of fisherman, John Donnachie. Then, they go in the house of Mr. Hardy father of Frank and Joe, they had a plan to do, Iola and Callie want Joe to apply them as a waitress in Palais Paris and Mary heard their plan so she volunteer to be with them, they also already known that Pirre Dumont is a manager of Palais Paris whom they talked last day.

They three girls went to the Palais Paris and the four boys go to Mr. Tuttle to talk with him, meanwhile their have a call from Mr. Hardy, he told that the three girls are in dangerous now. The four boy’s went there and they saw that the girls are fine and Frank saw Marcel and he get his watch and he pay the antique, but Chet noticed that his metal detector was lost. The last day they talked with him, and he remembered that he put it in a table on the office of Dumont, so they took it to Dumont. While they are traveling to Bayport, but there is something hear in the back seat which is the detector, they go outside and “BOOM!!”, it explode and they fall down, “that detector of your was booby-trapped”, Joe said to Chet but Chet is woozy, he cannot stand and the two boys helped him. They call a police and an ambulance and they explained what happen to the trooper of ambulance.

Chet come to Callie home and Hardy boys are now at their home, and their auntie asked them about the spinning wheel but they had no provided and two were embarrassed. In the morning they were visit Chet in the Hospital, and they bought some fruits. Now Mary Todd is now in dangerous situation, and she being disguise and temporarily live in Hardy’s home.

Frank and Joe came back to Honeycomb cave, while they are at the mouth of the cave they heard Wilson talking with someone, they was peeped and they saw Wilson with a black hair instead of gray, “so it is only a make-up”, Frank said, and they saw Cadmus Quill, then Quill saw them and they are fighting with each other. Quill was grabbed the shotgun and he fire and the smoke filled the cavern, but Frank and Joe missed the explosion. They run outside and went home to tell Mr. Hardy what they had discovered, and Mr. Hardy call a police and the other police are in the cave already then Joe and Frank were backed there. They saw someone inside and they handle the door close, and someone talk, and they recognized that it’s their dad, then they opened it. Mr. Hardy go outside with a prisoners in tow, and one of prisoners named EKT Wilson, but one man still missing Morgan Todd, also Dumont and Marcel are under arrest because they well known that they are a companion of Wilson, moreover Morgan Todd are now be seen.

The U.S government pay all the thing of the four that has broken such as the detector of Joe and car of Frank. Chief Collig police officer told them to go in their office in the early morning.

The four boys, Iola, Callie and Mary go in the office in the morning, then Mary and Morgan saw with each other and they found embraced, then Todd shaking hands to the four boys and he say “thank you” to all of them. Chief Collig explained everything about the prisoners they caught, “Commander Wilson was phony, of course. In his younger days he was an actor, who defected while in the service of his country on a foreign tour of duty, Pierre Dumont a spy’s chief from French and applied for U.S citizenship, Marcel had worked under him abroad and was merely a strong-arm dupe. The woman shopkeeper at the Palais Paris was found to be innocent of any wrong doing.

That evening the celebrate all together at Mr. Hardy home, Frank spoke-up in the front of them and Aunt Gertrude said to all of them that the next adventure of the boys would be THE MYSTERY OF CABIN ISLAND.

Art and Delivery

            Franklin uses very descriptive words when he’s writing. He describe everything what the story was all about and what the character does. Franklin introduced the characters, he describe them one by one, so you can get what is their main rule in this story. He cited all information for you would be able to get and understand the story. Yes it is a chronologically made from the beginning till the end of the story, also it has a more venue where the scene where they will going to act.

As the whole story end I am not getting disappoint on the story, it exactly what I had thought of the end of the story which is very excitement ending. So they must did well the story, it has a nice and interesting ending.

Final Verdict

            These is a nice story he wrote, for me as a reader I really appreciated it, they give the reader a more picture of what’s happening. I’m was not really understood the story from the start until the end, there are some chapters that is really hard to understand, yes I do to repeat it again but the word and sentences here are really in-depth and broad, hard to find the complete and implicit meaning.

Moreover, because of the picture I was got some understanding if what the chapter or the story meant to be even in a simple thing. The author was an excellence one, he know how to get the attention of the readers, because I am the one to prove that it is an interesting, exciting and a beautiful story that one part that I had read.

The Secret of the Cave. If I will going to rate it out of 10 percent, I will be say that it has a 8 percent, as what I had stated there are some sentences that it’s hard to get the complete and whole meaning. Nevertheless, I conclude that I like the story, I like an adventurous story especially when it is an interesting to read.



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