The Imposition of ROTC in SHS Curriculum


(By; Allyssa Mae S. Anuada)

For the past (6) years, ROTC or Reserve Officers Training Corps was ceased by the congress on account off the death of a member of the ROTC unit’s intelligence in 2001 which was immediately replaced by NSTP or National Service Program. Today, ROTC is being revived by President Duterte particularly the members of the cabinet have agreed to the re-imposition of ROTC or civilian military training for students in Grade 11 and 12 in order to develop their sense of duty and patriotism.

As a student in Senior High school, I firmly disagree. Military training for (2) years plus academic activities is not good for the student’s well-being. In the first place, we go to learn moreover we also develop our sense of duty by following the school rules and regulations, passing projects and requirements every day, isn’t that duty? Patriotism is taught and learned, very much it is not forced or demanded, it is within you as a citizen. The final two years of High School is for us to prepare for college, for our future for this reason imposition of ROTC will just add up to the tons of things we have to do that will not be related to the career that we are planning to take up. Why not just involve those who want to join military, police, air force and many?

Formerly, ROTC was abolished because there is an alleged corruption and irregularities in the ROTC unit of Santo Tomas. How can the government be so sure that this will not happen again? I stand for our rights, we should all have a say on this. NSTP is real, we can learn sense of duty and be patriotic at the same time. Their could be circumstances that students who will apply as officers will haze other students. It will take a lot of time and energy away from studying and it is prone to abuse or bullying. Also it is physically and mentally tiring. You have academic class five straight days in a week then during Saturdays you have to go back to school.


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