The Killing of the Mammoth

The Death of the Huge Mammoth
criticized by: Gerojames Cobol

The story of the killing of the mammoth, wrote by Henry Tukeman. For me the story is very interesting. Why? Because it’s all about the extinct fauna story which is the huge mammoth. At first It’s hard to understand when you do not already know the flow of the story, so I got bored sometimes when I reading this. Furthermore, sometimes I want to stop reading on it I prefer to watch television , but when I start reading again and continue reading until  the body of the story my mode had change, I am now excited on what is the ending of the story. According to my own understanding in this story there are some facts and opinion, I don’t know if there are more, but__ what I have said it is based on what I’d understand. So facts in this story are a lot, and information is all facts and real happened by the experienced of the character.

Henry went to the first Yukon in winter weather and he occupied a room, vacant cabin, one night he had opened some old graphics for the benefit of “Joe” an ancient head man in the tribe. Then Henry read some article, then turning the page, he come to the picture of the elephant. Furthermore, Joe saw him and very excited, then Joe explained to Henry. So I want to say that it is the beginning of the facts information that Joe will be stated to Henry about the experiences in Tee-kai-koa with Hisson Soon-thai to find the mammoth. I conclude that there’s information from Joe stated to Henry are all facts information that is real happened to him. They travelled to the country of Tee-kai-koa to shoot and kill the mammoth a very big animal in this place. They saw it in the other side of the lake it has a very long nose and two big teeth that is shining like a swan’s wings in the sunlight.

Before I forgot defined Soon thai is, now I will, Soon thai is son of Mr. Joe but now he is dead. Soon-thai is brave, plenty brave, when the time they go at the devil’s country in the Tee-kai-koa which means the devil’s footprint. But they did not state if how soon thai was dead. In addition, from the first until the end of the story that Joe told to Henry was all facts information.

In the first paragraph I was unknown when I was reading it because there are many words that I should find its meaning. As a critical reader, I myself immediately see slanting of implicit claims hence Mr. Condradi’s try to manipulate the perception of the poor man because he is living quite leisure and cares off our environment or nature’s treasures. He is trying to capture the extra ordinary gift created by God in order to engage or reach his popularity and fame. Moreover, the third paragraph has an untested claim it’s true that it has evidence but the statement in not have truly support. It may also have a bias thus he says that he has an experience with the northern Indians and he has an enable intimate relationship to the tribe.

I am not in favor with It’s did and too hilarious of what they are doing. If I’m not mistaken, I this is the reason of the extinction of the mammoth and it’s too illegal. As what I have observe to the story, again as a critical reader I observe hedging to this topic, hence it has many instances that are not sure. I am wondering that this article is true or not, thus according as what I have researched 4500 years ago the mammoth is already extinct, that is why they caught a mammoth before and they killed many mammoth? Is this story is old? Older than 4500 years? I think in that time it was no museum at all. Furthermore, I observe that this article was too advanced and more on technologies, I don’t think if why, 4500 years ago, that stage was the Homo sapiens are developing and the mammoth already extinct. Then this article it has already a museum at that time. Maybe I could also believe that they found only the specimen or fossil at this moment is, however, at this article you will see that they are actually killing the mammoth.

From the article Tukeman, didn’t even provide any background data profile. What is the status that he has in his life? Who really are his parents or what kind of family they are? Is he a literature or not? Is he is in the authority to give trust? This some of the question needed to explain or answer so that the reader shouldn’t not fascinate for this article. Being a critical reader, when you put together your own knowledge to critique an article is really good if I’m not mesmerized, even the date, place, and the time taken in the event of the killing of the mammoth really feel confused.

It’s fictional story. Monopolizes our mind I guess it’s not the mammoth specimen if his going to sell, thus he wants this article sold-out in the market so that he can buy foods for his daughter and son so that his wife will not get mad at him. From the article, you can give doubt to yourself that why does he make the article that in the first place he even started that he has no longer have rights in claiming the mammoth’s specimen, hence he sold it already. He didn’t have thought that suspicious he made a wrong on his works is an epic fail in his whole life. I read in the other references and I know that this article is only a fantastic story only. And developed by the fiction books organization. If you will read the article only without any references, you are attempting to believe to this story. Nevertheless, you are also fooling yourself to believe in this false case.


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