“Widen your knowledge”

(The Killing of the Mammoth)
criticized by: Robert M. Balinton Jr.

Mammoth. When I first read this word, my mind got being confused. Functioning by itself that finding the clear understanding of the meaning of it, instead of explicit idea it would become now complicated but instead of lack self-assurance be optimistic and trust o what you can do about something. Yes I do believed that there have a thing that you know that is not deserving to be yours but how would you say those thing if you will try to do it.

The killing of the Mammoth. I had really try to read and understand the explicit meaning of this story, trying to comprehend those sentence and paragraph that is really hard to understand. That’s why I need to be a critical reading this time, otherwise other could not presumed me as a good reader. I need to prove that I will and I can do this thing. The hindrances of perplexity, mazes, negative thought and uninterested comes from my mind exceed and overcome it all to make you really criticized an understood it all.

As what I had read in this story “The Killing of the Mammoth”, I found out that bias, fats, opinion and hedging information have and emerged in this story I don’t think so if it is all. Nevertheless, as what I had understand in this story that there are a lot of bias by the characters line, lets like for example this line or sentence “the Klondike had not then been discovered, and the Alaska Commercial company’s steamer failing to get further than Fort Yukon, owning to the lateness of the season”, so based on this Fort Yukon had a more known about something and powerful things compared with Alaska Commercial companies. In addition, I thought that it is a bias situation between those two companies.

In a matter of fact that there are a lot of fact information shared by the characters her n a story about the killing Mammoth. By Joe who gave an all facts information to Henry Tukeman who wrote this story, Joe is father of Soon-thai that was already dead. According to Joe, he explained all the things he and his son Soon-thai experienced on their traveled to the country of Indian Tee-Kai-Koa or let’s say that the devils country. In this place were lived the huge animal which is the mammoth. However, Soon-thai is brave so he and his father Joe goes here, in the country of Tee-Kai-Koa, which is a very scared place. So there are some information by Joe about the Mammoth and among others that no need to mention. Tukeman got a lot of facts information from Joe about the county and of a huge Mammoth who lived I this place.

Moreover, on those information had also an hedging part on their interaction by the characters, the word perhaps is sometimes told by the characters, using this word is also important, thus they did not sure the information they stated, it is a good and advisable that they must use hedging way by giving some information to aware on a possible can happen.

Moreover, between Tukeman and Paul his friend, bias also had between them, because Tukeman has a lot of information about something they planned about the hunting and killing the Mammoth in a placed where Joe stated unto him. That’s why Paul got only a little information and had known about it, so it can effect a bias between them. In addition, Tukeman has an adequate information while Paul had only a few information compared with him that had a high known of understanding about on what they had planned.

Besides, Tukeman had a lot of opinion by how they kill the Mammoth as what he and Paul planned. An opinion if how will they kill and shoot the Mammoth, on what process, manner or in what way they will be shoot the it.
At the end, Tukeman and Paul was successfully on what he and Paul was planned, before I forgot the Mammoth is like an elephant that has a long nose, a huge animal and has a two big teeth stand out and shining like a swan’s wing that shinning in the sunlight. Tukeman and Paul has already shoot and killed the Mammoth. That’s why Tukeman was proved that the information he got from the old man Joe is really true and fact information that is really experienced and happened by Joe and now Tukeman has experienced too.

Also, by the end of the story the evidence of Joe will now refuted or a false claim now, because as what Tukeman found out about the Mammoth, by now it must a fresh and new evidence of Tukeman with Paul. The new evidence about the huge Mammoth on what kind of animal it is. So, I think that there is no wrong if I would be conclude that the evidence or information that Joe’s experienced or a real happened about the Mammoth, on what he has seen and discovered are now all false claim now by Tukeman whom the new was unmarked about the Mammoth in the placed of Tee-Kai-Koa with his friend or to be with Paul.

In this story, I found out that the Mammoth is like an elephant or it’s closely similar of elephant. But I really don’t understand that, why they need to kill the Mammoth. Yes I know that to preserve its bones, the skull and among other parts of the Mammoth body, but why they need to? For what and why it should be? To shoot and kill the innocent Mammoth, event thought they know that it is the extinct fauna or a kind of animal, whereas they still want to kill it. The other one is about Soon-thai that was said in this story, they stated that Soon-thai son of Joes was dead and that is according to Mr. Joe explained to Tukeman for all what happened and experienced they had done in Tee-Kai-Koa. On this statement they did not stated for all what happened to Soon-thai, so it is incomplete information about what Mr. Joe said, if how his son was dead, he did not stated or in this this did include if how Soon-thai dead, that’s why I got being complicated that I really want to find the full information and answer for I would be able to understand well this story, and I want to know everything about Soon-thai if how is he was dead according to Joes was stated about his son to Tukeman. Those questions that I had really inquiry and I don’t get the full and complete explanation/information based on this story.

I strongly and undoubtedly hope that you a reader of this article that u obtained and understand of what I meant on this whole statement and explanation and I also hope that you would not being complicated on the ideas and statement that I had stated in this information according to my understanding.


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