The Killing of the Mammoth

by: Abdul, Racma

Henry Tukeman, become bias because he accepted the offer of Mr. Conradi’s. Although he really needs it, but it’s not a valid reason to accept it because may people believed him without a doubt. And he allowing a foreign country to obtain the specimen of conradi mammoth and the only his reply is to re-purchase of Waddington hall, with its noble deer park and broad acres since it was his dream his life.
Then after his journeyed Yukon river to Alaska witch is just small Indians lives in that place, then he was listened to many an interesting yarn from the old tribesmen, who told in broken patios of the doings of the company fifty years ago. Then he decided to winter at Fort Yukon to occupied roomy vacant cabin when he discovered that Hudson Bay Company abandoned Yukon many years ago. Then he had open some graphics for the benefits of ancient head man in the tribe.
After many summer ago he was go up the porcupine river with his son Soon-thai, but Soon-thai is already dead now. Then they leaved the river to climb the mountain. But the mountain is very high, so they cannot climb up it. Then his brave son goes in the cave, and at thee end is a small hole and easy way to climb up the mountain. Then by and by they take some meat, and they go through the cave, and it is full of big bones bigger than his body which makes him afraid. When the sun raise they climb to the top of the mountain. His braver son asked his father to shoot a plenty beaver in the valley but he said No because that country called Indian Tee-Kai-Koa means the devil foot print. Then sooner his son become little afraid. But he keep saying that they will shoot plenty of beaver and then they will run back.
Then they go in the woods to hunt then suddenly Soon-thai come to his father and whispers says I see that sign, and my knees are week and shake. Then drew a circle on the door and length of the fingers then he said he will see that devil and he will shoot him. He is very brave even though he is afraid he keep saying to shoot the devil.
Then his father saw the old man rose and pointed before him throwing water over himself with long nose, and his two teeth stand out before his head for a ten gun-length. He knew that man he seen is the devil who was describing by his son for a moment. They keep watching with his son without talking. He is very big because when he throws water behind his back it runs in a little river down to his side. Then suddenly his son throws up his gun he try to stop him but it was so late he fires. At Tee-Kai-Koa. Then he heard the noise a very loud cry, the anger cry like a thousand geese. Then they turn a run with his son. Then he saw plainly a streak of red blood on the long nose of Tee-Kai-Koa. They run through the trees away from their camp, until Tee-Kai-Koa gone. But they still heard the cry of Tee-Kai=Koa and seeks them.
Paul became more interested when he told him that the vast fortune awaiting any man who could get this absolutely unique specimen of supposedly extinct fauna to the hands taxidermists in civilization. Then they plan already for journey and formulated how to hunt mammoth until they killed him and his vast hide and bones. They become both bias with the tribe when the made swore secretly. They didn’t let the tribe to know it, just for commercial reasons, and giving out that they had a letter from the Hudson Bay, Company. The tribe trusted them while they are unfaithful with the Indian tribe.
Then he promise to the old Joe that he will avoid the devil footprint that old fellow makes suspicious. Afterward of presents in Indian he become excellent friends with the Indian tribes then the tribe genuinely sorry to lose him. He leaved the place with Paul since Paul states that he would stay with him until he went outside the Indian tribe place.
After nineteenth days leaving from Yukon, they arrived at the mouth of the little river. Which already described before by Joe that the mouth of the river is easily identified by high, sandy bank on the right hand. Then because of high water they were delayed from their journey. After two days in the river they still unable to pass because the water become more high. Then they had cut their outfit down to the simplest necessaries, the need to secured from the steamer 500 feet of stout rope, tree double blocks and tackle, other tools such as cooking utensils, winter clothing and few supplies that they may use in their journey. They experience a lot of trials during their journey but they never give up.
Then Soon-thai’s climbing it had probably inspect some massive bones which projected from a ledge about fifty feet up. The he was found a cave, and tunnel. It was about 200 feet long and wide enough for three men. The entire length was literally paved with gigantic mammoth bones. Then until they found the valley then they set to work. Time to time they observe the valley until they found that the mammoth was slowly work toward them. Tshen the mammoth had worked up to within three miles of wood-pile. Then they was scared when they heard the cry resounded over the valley. The cry that they heard is really different from the other animals cry, like a lion, elephant, and gorilla.
Then a few seconds a thin wreath of smoke announce that the battle would soon begin. Then the mammoth evidently puzzled for a moment by the huge long-pile confronting him with smoke rolling in a thick volume that mammoths most appalling scream. Then they shoot the mammoth and killed him. They were remove the bones from his body. And carefully cleaned and they put numbered. Then after they in Tee-Kai-Koa Paul was refuse to accept his share and arguing not without reason. That makes people loved and attracted for him. While Henry still keeps his secret that the mammoth specimen was taken abroad at the mouth of the Yukon, the sum paid for secrecy.


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