The Cavalry of the Mammoth

by: Jessamae C. Albiendo

I read the story many times for me to able to understand what the author was wants to covey. As what I had saw in the picture mammoth it is a type of a large, hairy elephant that lived in the ancient times and it had a very long tusks that curved upward. When I read the story, I really need to research in the dictionary the profound meaning or the word that used in the story, for me to understand the unambiguous meaning of it. It is very complicated for me to understand the story it is because there is a character of the story that have the same name of a place where did the story happen. The authors also jumped in another scene of the story, so the story is not clearly stated for me because of the flow.
The story about “Killing the Mammoth” by Henry Tukeman is not clearly stated but one thing that I did not also understand about Tee-Kai-Koa, I don’t really understand what this prefer to describe based in the story, this may be a named of a place where did the story happened or a named of a mammoth. When I read the story I was puzzled for the name Tee-Kai-Koa. I suggest that the author must use another name in naming a place or a name of the character in the story. So that the reader’s will not puzzled in reading the story.
In narrating the story I don’t know who of the two speakers were telling the story. In line were Joe telling their experiences with Soon-thai to Henry Tukeman when he said that his son shoot Tee-Kai-Koa in his forehead, did his son did not feel worried to Tee-Kai-Koa? Because Tee-Kai-Koa is just standing in the other side of the lake without anything doing to them.
As what I have observed in reading the story there is a bias, facts, hadging, generalization untested claims and opinion, in the first paragraph I think it was a fact that Henry Tukeman, who secured the specimen of the “Condradi Mammoth” as it been called, now in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, U.S.A., pictures of which monopolized the papers and magazines in the summer last year, and over which the scientists both continents are still quarrelling. And the bias there is Mr. Conradi’s offer to Henry Tukeman was of such magnitude that he, a poor man, found himself unable to refuse such offer. The generalization in the story was

In the second paragraph there is a hedging statement which is a clerk at the trading post, a private trader and a missionary and his wife were the only whites there in 1890. The Hudson Bay Company abandoned Fort Yukon many years ago, but the statement that he was a “Hudson Bay man” (an unpaid account was his mental justification) there is a possibility that this is a bias, and fact that he had some years’ experience with northern Indians, enable for him soon to become intimate with the tribe, though at the expense of losing the society of white residents of the fort. When the old tribesman, who told the broken patois of the doings of the “Company” fifty years ago, when the Hudson Bay Company represented civilization from this far north western limit of their fur trade on the Pacific Slope, and from the Arctic Circle, to the Atlantic coast of stormy Labrador is fact. It stated in the story that ‘I will see this devil, an’ if he is no bigger than a very big bear, I will shoot him from a tree, perhaps’ was hedging.
When the character of the story could hardly realize that they had killed so enormous an animal with such comparative ease and with the diminutive weapons that they held in their hands was an opinion.

In the sixth paragraph there is a fact in the statement “an’ we go through the cave, an’ it is full of the big bones, bigger than the body, an’ he was afraid;”
In the tenth paragraph the hedging there is when Joe talk to Soon-thai, his son makes him a weak like a woman.
In the fourth page it have a false claims states that “As I knew the Noyukuk River must rise in these ranges, I estimated the distance about 200 miles. In fourth paragraph there is a bias because the author stated that, he will not detail the weary work of the portage from the “little river”. The tusks were the most difficult things for us to handle, for with the portion of skull attached to them their weight was enormous and the meat of the mammoth was not unpalatable, but terribly tough was fact.
The opinion in the story when Henry Tukeman believe that the most generally accepted theory heretofore has been that Mr. Conradi found the carcass frozen in an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean.

I noticed the untested claims in the last paragraph of the story that the measurements, exactly as taken by Henry Tukeman, were handed to the Smithsonian authorities by Mr. Conradi for publication, and accepted without question as his own.
The summary of the story. There are many obstacles that the characters faced during their journey, where they are sighting the mammoth.

Before Henry Tukeman, Joe and Paul planned to killed the mammoth, Joe tell a story about their journey of his son Soon-thai in the land of Tee-kai-Koa where they saw the mammoth. At last the story ends that the author and other characters in the story was successful to killed the mammoth for them to preserve its specimen.

The story intends to share to the readers about the experiences of the author and other characters in the story who were killed the mammoth. The author of the story describes the difficulties that they encounter in their journey in killing the mammoth. I was confused about the story, especially the character of Soon-thai was abruptly missing in the story. Why author did not state about what happen to Soon-thai the son Joe in the story? In addition to that, why does the government of such country allow their constituents to kill the endangered species in such countries?


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