The Cavalry of the Mammoth

by: Jessamae C. Albiendo

I read the story many times for me to able to understand what the author was wants to covey. As what I had saw in the picture mammoth it is a type of a large, hairy elephant that lived in the ancient times and it had a very long tusks that curved upward. When I read the story, I really need to research in the dictionary the profound meaning or the word that used in the story, for me to understand the unambiguous meaning of it. It is very complicated for me to understand the story it is because there is a character of the story that have the same name of a place where did the story happen. The authors also jumped in another scene of the story, so the story is not clearly stated for me because of the flow.
The story about “Killing the Mammoth” by Henry Tukeman is not clearly stated but one thing that I did not also understand about Tee-Kai-Koa, I don’t really understand what this prefer to describe based in the story, this may be a named of a place where did the story happened or a named of a mammoth. When I read the story I was puzzled for the name Tee-Kai-Koa. I suggest that the author must use another name in naming a place or a name of the character in the story. So that the reader’s will not puzzled in reading the story.
In narrating the story I don’t know who of the two speakers were telling the story. In line were Joe telling their experiences with Soon-thai to Henry Tukeman when he said that his son shoot Tee-Kai-Koa in his forehead, did his son did not feel worried to Tee-Kai-Koa? Because Tee-Kai-Koa is just standing in the other side of the lake without anything doing to them.
As what I have observed in reading the story there is a bias, facts, hadging, generalization untested claims and opinion, in the first paragraph I think it was a fact that Henry Tukeman, who secured the specimen of the “Condradi Mammoth” as it been called, now in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, U.S.A., pictures of which monopolized the papers and magazines in the summer last year, and over which the scientists both continents are still quarrelling. And the bias there is Mr. Conradi’s offer to Henry Tukeman was of such magnitude that he, a poor man, found himself unable to refuse such offer. The generalization in the story was

In the second paragraph there is a hedging statement which is a clerk at the trading post, a private trader and a missionary and his wife were the only whites there in 1890. The Hudson Bay Company abandoned Fort Yukon many years ago, but the statement that he was a “Hudson Bay man” (an unpaid account was his mental justification) there is a possibility that this is a bias, and fact that he had some years’ experience with northern Indians, enable for him soon to become intimate with the tribe, though at the expense of losing the society of white residents of the fort. When the old tribesman, who told the broken patois of the doings of the “Company” fifty years ago, when the Hudson Bay Company represented civilization from this far north western limit of their fur trade on the Pacific Slope, and from the Arctic Circle, to the Atlantic coast of stormy Labrador is fact. It stated in the story that ‘I will see this devil, an’ if he is no bigger than a very big bear, I will shoot him from a tree, perhaps’ was hedging.
When the character of the story could hardly realize that they had killed so enormous an animal with such comparative ease and with the diminutive weapons that they held in their hands was an opinion.

In the sixth paragraph there is a fact in the statement “an’ we go through the cave, an’ it is full of the big bones, bigger than the body, an’ he was afraid;”
In the tenth paragraph the hedging there is when Joe talk to Soon-thai, his son makes him a weak like a woman.
In the fourth page it have a false claims states that “As I knew the Noyukuk River must rise in these ranges, I estimated the distance about 200 miles. In fourth paragraph there is a bias because the author stated that, he will not detail the weary work of the portage from the “little river”. The tusks were the most difficult things for us to handle, for with the portion of skull attached to them their weight was enormous and the meat of the mammoth was not unpalatable, but terribly tough was fact.
The opinion in the story when Henry Tukeman believe that the most generally accepted theory heretofore has been that Mr. Conradi found the carcass frozen in an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean.

I noticed the untested claims in the last paragraph of the story that the measurements, exactly as taken by Henry Tukeman, were handed to the Smithsonian authorities by Mr. Conradi for publication, and accepted without question as his own.
The summary of the story. There are many obstacles that the characters faced during their journey, where they are sighting the mammoth.

Before Henry Tukeman, Joe and Paul planned to killed the mammoth, Joe tell a story about their journey of his son Soon-thai in the land of Tee-kai-Koa where they saw the mammoth. At last the story ends that the author and other characters in the story was successful to killed the mammoth for them to preserve its specimen.

The story intends to share to the readers about the experiences of the author and other characters in the story who were killed the mammoth. The author of the story describes the difficulties that they encounter in their journey in killing the mammoth. I was confused about the story, especially the character of Soon-thai was abruptly missing in the story. Why author did not state about what happen to Soon-thai the son Joe in the story? In addition to that, why does the government of such country allow their constituents to kill the endangered species in such countries?


“Widen your knowledge”

(The Killing of the Mammoth)
criticized by: Robert M. Balinton Jr.

Mammoth. When I first read this word, my mind got being confused. Functioning by itself that finding the clear understanding of the meaning of it, instead of explicit idea it would become now complicated but instead of lack self-assurance be optimistic and trust o what you can do about something. Yes I do believed that there have a thing that you know that is not deserving to be yours but how would you say those thing if you will try to do it.

The killing of the Mammoth. I had really try to read and understand the explicit meaning of this story, trying to comprehend those sentence and paragraph that is really hard to understand. That’s why I need to be a critical reading this time, otherwise other could not presumed me as a good reader. I need to prove that I will and I can do this thing. The hindrances of perplexity, mazes, negative thought and uninterested comes from my mind exceed and overcome it all to make you really criticized an understood it all.

As what I had read in this story “The Killing of the Mammoth”, I found out that bias, fats, opinion and hedging information have and emerged in this story I don’t think so if it is all. Nevertheless, as what I had understand in this story that there are a lot of bias by the characters line, lets like for example this line or sentence “the Klondike had not then been discovered, and the Alaska Commercial company’s steamer failing to get further than Fort Yukon, owning to the lateness of the season”, so based on this Fort Yukon had a more known about something and powerful things compared with Alaska Commercial companies. In addition, I thought that it is a bias situation between those two companies.

In a matter of fact that there are a lot of fact information shared by the characters her n a story about the killing Mammoth. By Joe who gave an all facts information to Henry Tukeman who wrote this story, Joe is father of Soon-thai that was already dead. According to Joe, he explained all the things he and his son Soon-thai experienced on their traveled to the country of Indian Tee-Kai-Koa or let’s say that the devils country. In this place were lived the huge animal which is the mammoth. However, Soon-thai is brave so he and his father Joe goes here, in the country of Tee-Kai-Koa, which is a very scared place. So there are some information by Joe about the Mammoth and among others that no need to mention. Tukeman got a lot of facts information from Joe about the county and of a huge Mammoth who lived I this place.

Moreover, on those information had also an hedging part on their interaction by the characters, the word perhaps is sometimes told by the characters, using this word is also important, thus they did not sure the information they stated, it is a good and advisable that they must use hedging way by giving some information to aware on a possible can happen.

Moreover, between Tukeman and Paul his friend, bias also had between them, because Tukeman has a lot of information about something they planned about the hunting and killing the Mammoth in a placed where Joe stated unto him. That’s why Paul got only a little information and had known about it, so it can effect a bias between them. In addition, Tukeman has an adequate information while Paul had only a few information compared with him that had a high known of understanding about on what they had planned.

Besides, Tukeman had a lot of opinion by how they kill the Mammoth as what he and Paul planned. An opinion if how will they kill and shoot the Mammoth, on what process, manner or in what way they will be shoot the it.
At the end, Tukeman and Paul was successfully on what he and Paul was planned, before I forgot the Mammoth is like an elephant that has a long nose, a huge animal and has a two big teeth stand out and shining like a swan’s wing that shinning in the sunlight. Tukeman and Paul has already shoot and killed the Mammoth. That’s why Tukeman was proved that the information he got from the old man Joe is really true and fact information that is really experienced and happened by Joe and now Tukeman has experienced too.

Also, by the end of the story the evidence of Joe will now refuted or a false claim now, because as what Tukeman found out about the Mammoth, by now it must a fresh and new evidence of Tukeman with Paul. The new evidence about the huge Mammoth on what kind of animal it is. So, I think that there is no wrong if I would be conclude that the evidence or information that Joe’s experienced or a real happened about the Mammoth, on what he has seen and discovered are now all false claim now by Tukeman whom the new was unmarked about the Mammoth in the placed of Tee-Kai-Koa with his friend or to be with Paul.

In this story, I found out that the Mammoth is like an elephant or it’s closely similar of elephant. But I really don’t understand that, why they need to kill the Mammoth. Yes I know that to preserve its bones, the skull and among other parts of the Mammoth body, but why they need to? For what and why it should be? To shoot and kill the innocent Mammoth, event thought they know that it is the extinct fauna or a kind of animal, whereas they still want to kill it. The other one is about Soon-thai that was said in this story, they stated that Soon-thai son of Joes was dead and that is according to Mr. Joe explained to Tukeman for all what happened and experienced they had done in Tee-Kai-Koa. On this statement they did not stated for all what happened to Soon-thai, so it is incomplete information about what Mr. Joe said, if how his son was dead, he did not stated or in this this did include if how Soon-thai dead, that’s why I got being complicated that I really want to find the full information and answer for I would be able to understand well this story, and I want to know everything about Soon-thai if how is he was dead according to Joes was stated about his son to Tukeman. Those questions that I had really inquiry and I don’t get the full and complete explanation/information based on this story.

I strongly and undoubtedly hope that you a reader of this article that u obtained and understand of what I meant on this whole statement and explanation and I also hope that you would not being complicated on the ideas and statement that I had stated in this information according to my understanding.

The Killing of the Mammoth

by: Abdul, Racma

Henry Tukeman, become bias because he accepted the offer of Mr. Conradi’s. Although he really needs it, but it’s not a valid reason to accept it because may people believed him without a doubt. And he allowing a foreign country to obtain the specimen of conradi mammoth and the only his reply is to re-purchase of Waddington hall, with its noble deer park and broad acres since it was his dream his life.
Then after his journeyed Yukon river to Alaska witch is just small Indians lives in that place, then he was listened to many an interesting yarn from the old tribesmen, who told in broken patios of the doings of the company fifty years ago. Then he decided to winter at Fort Yukon to occupied roomy vacant cabin when he discovered that Hudson Bay Company abandoned Yukon many years ago. Then he had open some graphics for the benefits of ancient head man in the tribe.
After many summer ago he was go up the porcupine river with his son Soon-thai, but Soon-thai is already dead now. Then they leaved the river to climb the mountain. But the mountain is very high, so they cannot climb up it. Then his brave son goes in the cave, and at thee end is a small hole and easy way to climb up the mountain. Then by and by they take some meat, and they go through the cave, and it is full of big bones bigger than his body which makes him afraid. When the sun raise they climb to the top of the mountain. His braver son asked his father to shoot a plenty beaver in the valley but he said No because that country called Indian Tee-Kai-Koa means the devil foot print. Then sooner his son become little afraid. But he keep saying that they will shoot plenty of beaver and then they will run back.
Then they go in the woods to hunt then suddenly Soon-thai come to his father and whispers says I see that sign, and my knees are week and shake. Then drew a circle on the door and length of the fingers then he said he will see that devil and he will shoot him. He is very brave even though he is afraid he keep saying to shoot the devil.
Then his father saw the old man rose and pointed before him throwing water over himself with long nose, and his two teeth stand out before his head for a ten gun-length. He knew that man he seen is the devil who was describing by his son for a moment. They keep watching with his son without talking. He is very big because when he throws water behind his back it runs in a little river down to his side. Then suddenly his son throws up his gun he try to stop him but it was so late he fires. At Tee-Kai-Koa. Then he heard the noise a very loud cry, the anger cry like a thousand geese. Then they turn a run with his son. Then he saw plainly a streak of red blood on the long nose of Tee-Kai-Koa. They run through the trees away from their camp, until Tee-Kai-Koa gone. But they still heard the cry of Tee-Kai=Koa and seeks them.
Paul became more interested when he told him that the vast fortune awaiting any man who could get this absolutely unique specimen of supposedly extinct fauna to the hands taxidermists in civilization. Then they plan already for journey and formulated how to hunt mammoth until they killed him and his vast hide and bones. They become both bias with the tribe when the made swore secretly. They didn’t let the tribe to know it, just for commercial reasons, and giving out that they had a letter from the Hudson Bay, Company. The tribe trusted them while they are unfaithful with the Indian tribe.
Then he promise to the old Joe that he will avoid the devil footprint that old fellow makes suspicious. Afterward of presents in Indian he become excellent friends with the Indian tribes then the tribe genuinely sorry to lose him. He leaved the place with Paul since Paul states that he would stay with him until he went outside the Indian tribe place.
After nineteenth days leaving from Yukon, they arrived at the mouth of the little river. Which already described before by Joe that the mouth of the river is easily identified by high, sandy bank on the right hand. Then because of high water they were delayed from their journey. After two days in the river they still unable to pass because the water become more high. Then they had cut their outfit down to the simplest necessaries, the need to secured from the steamer 500 feet of stout rope, tree double blocks and tackle, other tools such as cooking utensils, winter clothing and few supplies that they may use in their journey. They experience a lot of trials during their journey but they never give up.
Then Soon-thai’s climbing it had probably inspect some massive bones which projected from a ledge about fifty feet up. The he was found a cave, and tunnel. It was about 200 feet long and wide enough for three men. The entire length was literally paved with gigantic mammoth bones. Then until they found the valley then they set to work. Time to time they observe the valley until they found that the mammoth was slowly work toward them. Tshen the mammoth had worked up to within three miles of wood-pile. Then they was scared when they heard the cry resounded over the valley. The cry that they heard is really different from the other animals cry, like a lion, elephant, and gorilla.
Then a few seconds a thin wreath of smoke announce that the battle would soon begin. Then the mammoth evidently puzzled for a moment by the huge long-pile confronting him with smoke rolling in a thick volume that mammoths most appalling scream. Then they shoot the mammoth and killed him. They were remove the bones from his body. And carefully cleaned and they put numbered. Then after they in Tee-Kai-Koa Paul was refuse to accept his share and arguing not without reason. That makes people loved and attracted for him. While Henry still keeps his secret that the mammoth specimen was taken abroad at the mouth of the Yukon, the sum paid for secrecy.

A Quest to Assess

by: Allyssa Mae Anuada

The article I’m going to criticize is entitled “The Killing of the Mammoth” by Henry Tukeman. A seven paged article which talks about the exploitation of a prehistoric animal called a mammoth. On the first time reading this article I actually thought it was perfect because it’s English but as I began to read it again, there emerged the lapses of this article.
On the first paragraph, I could somehow sense that there is Bias from Henry Tukeman because he is talking a lot about himself which is not necessarily needed in explaining as to why he accepted Mr.Conradi’s offer. For me it’s actually kind of dramatic, how he wrote the first paragraph especially the latter part where he told us about his dreams, it’s like he wanted us to be on his side, to have sympathy with him, to not judge him because he accepted the offer. He could’ve at least told us who Mr.Conradi is .In addition, he’s also hedging the topic from the “Conradi Mammoth” to Mr.Conradi’s offer, where in fact he should have discussed why it’s called Conradi Mammoth, why it’s been the talk of the town and not flashback his life. I can’t seem to understand the third sentence on the first paragraph “and to this charge I can only reply that the re-purchase of Wadington Hall…” until I had consulted a dictionary, it’s kind of technical, he should’ve used “recall” instead of repurchase and I think it’s Washington instead of Wadington. In addition, there is also Generalization in the part where he said “Many people will, undoubtedly, call me unpatriotic in thus allowing a foreign country to obtain this wonderful specimen,…”
On the second paragraph, Klondike is a river if I’m not mistaken, it’s a fact. It would be great if the author would make it clear as to what transportation he used to reach Fort Yukon. Is Alaska Commercial Company steamer a vehicle, specifically a steam Engine or what? At the fourth sentence of the second paragraph “and I listened later to many an interesting yarn from the old tribesmen” the author could omit “an” in the sentence or is it supposed to be “and I listened later to many and interesting yarn from the old tribesmen”. ?
The sentence starter of the third paragraph is good but then again I think the author put his own opinion in this sentence “ I was a “Hudson Bay man” (an unpaid account was my mental justification)” . There is also a claim of fact in here because he’s claiming he is indeed a “Hudson Bay man”.
At this point we could identify that there is slanting, the author is manipulating old Joe by humouring him and persuading him to tell the story. We could also read between the lines that there is something that old Joe is hesitant to talk about. Moreover, I would like to suggest him to directly retell the story in English language not in broken patois.
I would like to commend him for the great description of the setting and actions, the details were clear even though it’s written in broken patois but it’s kind of annoying how he used “an/and” many times. The way the story was told is bias with Soon-thai, his name is mentioned all throughout the narrative of his father. We can read between the lines that something unpleasant happened as old Joe went on with his story. Furthermore, he is hedging the topic when he said “I’m old and tired, and to talk of Soon-Thai, my son, makes me weak like a woman” and another reading between the line sentence “Do not seek Tee-Kai-Koa, white man, lest you have no tale to tell us as I have told you” He is warning Tukeman not to continue hunting if he has plans in doing so. As I scan through the sentences on the second page I found a technical error “fIrst”instead of “first”. In addition, I could say there is Hedging because he or they are just assuming that the mammoth they’re going to hunt is last of its race proven by this sentence “so that it seemed as if this prehistoric giant must be the last of his race alive there” signalled by the modal auxiliary verb “must”. He also used slanting in the third page, twentieth paragraph if I’m correct to persuade Paul as he tell of the fortunes they will be able to get when they accomplish this mission that made the guy agree and go with him to hunt the mammoth.

On the third page where he is bound to leave Fort Yukon, I found that there are numerous opinions that held no significance in the story like “A round of presents to the Indians (not forgetting an extra one for Joe’s pretty daughter) made my departure more easy,…” . One more is ‘the handsome scamp’s attention to the girls were too impartial to call for any particular and individual congratulations”. Another is “And then the mosquitoes! I have had some experience of them…”
Continuously reading, I found a claim that has been proven not true by Tukeman and Paul as they go on with their journey; here it is “we found the “gully” to be in reality a considerable creek which had evidently been blocked by a rock slide or an eruption.” It’s good that he made it clear it wasn’t a gully. Again, I appraise his talent when it comes to describing the place he is in, you can really imagine what it looks like in reality. In addition to the technical errors he would’ve wanted to change is “valley” than “vallev”.Claim of fact is also evident when he said “As I knew the Noyukuk river must rise in these ranges” , he really is expecting to see the river on the ranges.
I would as well advise him to interchange “the creek water being undrinkable from the presence in it of copper ore” to “the presence of copper ore in it” to make it more understandable. He should be more meticulous in writing or encoding his text. Moreover, I can observe there is an untested claim that mammoths are believed to run after a smoke by Joe that is to be tested by Tukeman in his supposition that smoke would attract their target. True to his theory that the mammoth would run after the fire, the experiment they did revealed the truth behind why the beast ran after the smoke is because it is threatened by the conflagration .
On the fifth page I can make out that there is a claim of fact, a mammoth really seems to appear like what he is describing it. There is also a presence of claim of policy in “Paul must have watched him very coolly”. Technical error like “quietlv” should be changed to “quietly” .Afterwards, in the sixth page, when the day of the killing was fast approaching we could sense that the mammoth have felt danger around his surroundings when the author said that “He seemed to be restless, and kept sniffing the air” . As I scan the last two pages I found another error “seream” that should be replaced by “scream” and “uneertainly” to “uncertainly”. There is reading between the lines in the part where the author said “But the end was drawing near, for the great brute was bleeding profusely from the mouth and ears and staggered uncertainly back and forth” this has been an indication that the mammoth is close to dying. “A feeling of pity and shame crept over me as I watched the failing strength of this mighty prehistoric monarch whom I outwitted and despoiled of a thousand peaceful years of harmless existence. It was as though I were robbing nature , an old Mother Earth herself of a child born to her younger days, in the Dawn of Time” in this part it gives me the impression of him being suddenly so sorry for what he did to cover up the terrible act he made , he’s somewhat hedging .
Taken as a whole, Henry Tukeman did a great task in narrating his venture to kill the mammoth though at some aspect he would have to polish it. Overall, this has been a helpful article for me to improve my critical reading ability in distinguishing explicit and implicit claims in a story.