“Useful Technology” (Comparison and Contrast Text)

Compare. When we say compare it is the difference between two thing and situation. But when we say contrast, it is the similarities or a look like of the two things or something.
Motorcycle is a modern technology now that we recently used in our daily life. These things were going to compare into a bicycle. Bicycle is also a modern technology that most of us continually used.
Motorcycle and bicycle are both technology, and service so that we can easily do our works. They are used for traveling somewhere, and both are using energy. However, different energies might be used and a compatible by each type. For the motor are heat and generator energy and for the bike is mechanical energy. In addition, motorcycle is very helpful it consumes less time to travel. Bicycle is also useful, but not faster than motorcycle and it only allows to use all ages who know how to used it.
On my own opinion, I conclude that using bicycle is better, because even though it is unworthy but we can make sure our safety.


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