“SCC Policy” (Persuasion Text)

First day of class here at SCC, you will notice how they strongly support the “No Plastic Policy”. The school always reminds the students to lessen the use of plastic, but as months passes by students seemed to forget that policy.

One major cause of pollution is the littering of plastics (bottles, cellophane, wrappers, etc.). We could say that we are the cause of pollution, because we are the one who utilize these plastics. If we could just work together and start using paper bags, we would be able to lessen or minimize the cause of pollution. Wouldn’t you feel good about yourself, knowing that you can help save the environment with just a small deed of not using plastic?

The primary reason why I support “No Plastic Policy” is pollution. Some students who use plastics just discard them around the school that consequently results to having dirty environment, and they don’t bother to dispose them properly when there are trash cans in almost all. Well if you are the one of them, you better use paper bags or lunch boxes and water container which are also reusable.

I strongly encourage you who are reading this to abstain from using plastic and turn to paper bags and reusable containers. Instead of plastics you may use paper bags and reusable container.


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