“Philippine Literature” (Classification and Exemplification Text)

The Philippine Literature has known and appreciates throughout the world. A Philippine literature is the body of works, both oral and written, that Filipinos whether native or naturalize or foreign born have created about the experience of people living in or revolting the Philippine society.

The Philippine Literature, it was divided into two groups which are: fiction and non-fiction. In fiction it includes novels, short stories, and poetry. A fiction literature describes an imaginary events or people. The examples of novels are: Noli Me Tangere by Jose P. Rizal, Cave and Shadows by Nick Joaquin, Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn. In short stories examples are: At War’s End by Ronie V. Diaz, All Over the World by Vicente Rivera Jr. and Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez.

The examples of poetry are: Last Love J.D. Mariposa, Last Prince in the Puzzle of My Life by Vic Yambao, and Tracing You Kristina Aquino.

A non-fiction literature is a prose writing based on real life situation or events. The classifications of non-fiction literature are: autobiography, essay and history. The examples of autobiography are: The Biography of Nick Joaquin, The Biography of Jose P. Rizal, The Biography of Andress Bonifacio. For the Histories examples are: History of Churches, History of the Philippines and The History of Monuments. The examples of essay are: Issue about Drug Addiction, arguments, and issue about the environments.


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