“Let’s Make a First Step” (Problem-Solution Text)

Air pollution is the common issue and problem that we encountered in our country which is the Philippines, because of dis-respectfulness and irresponsible person who continually broke and making a messy nature through their ability to throwing garbages, cutting trees and it makes dirt our fresh air and slowly destroys our surroundings that are not safe or suitable for us. On the other hand, there are the people who really care about our nature to be beautiful. Therefore, they do everything like preserving the beauty of our society to make a healthy community, far away from sickness, weakness, illness and pollution.

We, as a student, are the one to rescue and to resolve this problem that is continually and recently occurring in our community here in our country. Let’s make a step, begin to make a solution for this kind of problem. Let’s make a stand; we will make it to resolve through our concern in our society. Be responsible, respectful and we all be united for the beauty and healthy country.

Beautiful country, nice place, clean surrounding, and a comfortable place are the best ways to preserve ourselves. Being responsible citizens, let’s work it together and make sure that we are far from any kind of sickness and dangerous effects of pollutant place.


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