“Feeling Great”(Definition Text)

The word “Luxury” Do you know it already? Can you define it?
As what I have known, and what I have understand from the word “luxury”, when you have this thing you have a feel of being great, like enjoyment, happiness, pleasure in yourself and think that you would become popular in the eye of somebody or in the eye of the other people who can see you.
Luxury is defined as a great ease and comfort, people with wealthy living in luxury, a desirable or pleasing thing that is not a necessity of life. For example, a person who has a nice bag, expensive dress, a million worth of car which only the rich people can afford and live in an easy way. Furthermore, they always get what they want and what they need.
Luxury is related to the word “amenity” which means something that makes life easier or more pleasant. So, luxury, when they see it from you it will make you satisfied, pleasured, delighted, and contented.


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